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Welcome to Blackrose Guard's website.
We are an Adult 10 Man Alliance Raiding guild on the Runetotem Server
Raiding every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 7 -10pm CST.
To apply to guild click join this guild at the top of the page or contact
Bellemorte, utolykos, twistdsoul, or vivacia In game.

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Ryolith down

bellemorte69, Jul 27, 11 7:57 PM.
Ryolith is down, someone post the pic !

Shannox down.

bellemorte69, Jul 18, 11 6:53 PM.
Shannox is dead :) good start to the firelands, i'll see if one of the guys snapped a pic.
I was at the football game when they did it. Evil bastards !


Woot Nef Down!

bellemorte69, Jul 2, 11 12:06 PM.
Well we are officially 12/12 just in time for the new raid to come out firelands.
Time to tear shit up over there.
Grats to everyone. Sorry about the lack of boss kill screenies.

Chogall down.

bellemorte69, May 26, 11 6:58 PM.
Chogall is down, picture soon to come.
Grats to everyone involved

Chimeron Down

bellemorte69, Mar 29, 11 6:42 PM.
Chimeron Down, Great job everyone !
This puts us at 9/12  :)

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We are recruiting talented Raiding players of most roles.
Specifically in need of a warlock.
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